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100 OCT

100 OCT

Valentino participated at the 2016 100-OCT Experience as a special guest of the American event. Restricted to just 12 cars, this year’s tour powered by 100-OCT was stuffed with world famous guest stars like Jay Leno and Valentino himself.

100 Octane

Given the super exclusive nature of the event, it is easy to guess the brands represented in the cars line-up: we are talking of course about Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Corvette. Valentino made sure to make this event even more special and exciting by bringing with him his own Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni, the car that bears his name. 

100 Octane

The 100-OCT Experience started at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, where all the cars and people gathered, and then the convoy drove to Hollywood, Las Vegas, through the famous Route 66, and finally the cars arrived to Yosemite Park where the tour ended. 

This is what Valentino had to say about driving through the desert: “Driving through the desert it’s a one of kind experience, temperatures can reach insane highs and the roads here are ideal for this kind of experience. Also, the scenery is breath taking.” He shared some more general thoughts about the event saying that: “It was really interesting to me, as a car person, because the level of car knowledge of the people invited was very high, and it was nice to meet and talk to so many characters of our trade”.

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