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Valentino Balboni presents: A New Dimension In Sound

Valentino Balboni presents: A New Dimension In Sound

For 40 years Valentino Balboni was in charge of the development of Lamborghini supercars and became a living legend among the lovers of the Raging Bull. Today, Valentino Balboni decided the time had come to further share his passion and expertise with Lamborghini owners and all fans of supercars around the world who admire him.

To fulfil this goal, Valentino decided to launch his own brand, named “VB”. VB is a straightforward and essential brand that revolves around Valentino’s savoir-faire and unique driving thrills. VB has the aim to offer Lamborghini owners and fans an insight into the passion and perfection that has distinguished Valentino’s career as a test driver for the Raging Bull.

At Concorso Italiano (Seaside, Monterey Bay, California), on August 20, 2016, at 2:45 pm local time, Valentino Balboni will officially unveil VB’s first achievement: a new dimension in sound. It will be the state of the art, limited edition, ultralight titanium exhaust for the almighty Lamborghini Aventador LP-750 SV.

With a startling total weight of 13.8 lbs (6.3 kg) and only 30 numbered pieces produced, it requests more than 350 hours to manufacture each piece. Valentino’s aim is not only to create an outstanding exhaust made in Italy but to offer the selected Lamborghini owners a one of a kind collector’s item automotive marvel that will be desired for what it truly is: A piece of Art.

Exhaust technical specifications

- 13.8 lbs (6.3 kg)
- Titanium Grade 2
- Completely handmade T.I.G. segment tubes welding
- Billet cut titanium mounts
- Bolt on exhaust using OEM mountings
- 350 hours to manufacture